How Do I Log Into My Optus NBN Modem?

How do I find my Optus modem password?

You can find the default Wi-Fi network name and password printed on the sticker on the bottom of your modem, or on the card you received packaged with your modem.

Before you can change Your Wi-Fi network name and password, you’ll need to find your login for the modem settings page..

How do I connect my Optus modem to my NBN router?

Turn OFF Wi-Fi and remove all “LAN” cables from the back of the existing Modem/Router (leave phone line and fibre connected). Connect the “LAN” cable from port 1 of the existing Modem/Router to the new Modem/Router Fibre/Internet Port. Now connect the other “LAN” cables from you PC’s to Ports 2,3 & 4.

How do I find my router username and password without resetting it?

How to Find Router Username and Password (No Reset Required)Use the Router Password Kracker. Router password Kracker is a free-to-use tool to recover lost username and passwords of routers. … Use RouterPassView. … Look for the sticker at the back of your router. … Use the router’s default name and password. … How to forward ports without knowing the password.

How long does Optus NBN take to activate?

within 4 hoursYour line will normally activate within 4 hours. If your issue persists, I would advise checking with our NBN Activation team on 1300300427.

How do I log into my NBN modem?

To do this:Log on to your Belong Wi-Fi (you don’t need to be connected to the internet to do this)Open an internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome)Type into the address bar.If prompted, type in your modem username and password: Enter the username ‘admin’ Enter the password ‘Belong’

What is the default username and password for Optus modem?

The username and password should appear on the rear or bottom of the modem. I believe it’s set to ADMIN ADMIN or ADMIN & Password by default. That’s if you’re trying to log in via 192.168. 0.1 (Service Net).

How do I find my broadband username and password?

Lost Username or Password for your Broadband ServiceClick this link to see “My Services”.Login with your portal username and password when prompted.Click View Technical Details under the heading General.Click Select next to the service you need the details for.The Internet Access section contains your Broadband Username and Password.

How do I access my modem settings?

Your computer just needs to be connected to the modem. First try connecting your computer to the modem using a network cable. Open your Internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. and enter the IP address of your D-Link modem in the address bar:

How do I access my Telstra modem settings?

Enter the correct URL for your modem: For ADSL/Cable/nbn compatible Modems with an Adapter – enter or http://telstra.gateway/ For Cable Modem without Adapter – enter or http://telstra.gateway/

How do I access my modem dashboard?

To access your dashboard, simply enter 192.168. 1.1 (for older modems), or 192.168. 254.254 (for latest Huawei modem), on the address bar using any web browser, then log in with the user name and password found in your modem.

What is my Optus username and password?

Can’t remember your My Account Username or Password? All you need is your Optus account number (found on your invoice) and the email address you registered with Optus when setting up My Account.

What is the default username and password for Globe Broadband?

Open your web browser and then key in your router’s default gateway: 192.168. 254.254. Type “user” as your username and password.

How do I access my Optus NBN modem?

OTHER OPTUS DSL MODEMS/ROUTERSYour modem must be switched on and connected to your computer (wired or wirelessly)Open your internet browser and go to this address: the default username (if required): admin.Enter the default password (if required): password.More items…

How can I login to my router?

Complete these steps:Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.Go to the Address bar and enter the IP Address of your router then press Enter. For example, 192.168. … A new window prompts for a User name and Password.

Where do I put the NBN modem?

Under a standard installation, the NBN connection box will typically go inside your home near an existing telephone jack and within reach of a power point. The connection box must plug straight into the wall socket, not into a power board or double adaptor.