Question: Can My Passport For Mac Be Used On PC?

Can my Mac read my PC external hard drive?

Macs can easily read PC-formatted hard disk drives.

Writing to them, however, is a different story.

If you’ve switched to the Mac, welcome aboard.

Your old external Windows PC drive will work great on the Mac..

Can I use a Seagate hard drive for Mac and PC?

If you need to use your drive on both Mac and PC then it’s best to format exFAT. … Seagate internal drives must be formatted before use. Drives that will be bootable are formatted during the process of installing the operating system (ie, Windows or macOS).

How do I connect my passport to my Mac and PC?

How to Make WD Passport Compatible with Mac and WindowsTurn on Your Mac and Log In. … Look for the External Hard Drive Icon on your Desktop. … Make Sure your WD My Passport External Drive is Chosen. … Give Your WD My Passport External Drive a Name. … Choose the WD My Passport Drive A Second Time. … Then Select the ExFAT Format.More items…•

Can you use the same external hard drive for Mac and PC?

Windows uses NTFS and Mac OS uses HFS and they’re incompatible with each other. However, you can format the drive to work with both Windows and Mac by using the exFAT filesystem.

How do I mount a WD My Passport for Mac?

Force Mount the WD Mac hard drive in Disk Utility You can go to Utility and see if this hard drive appears in the left sidebar. If your WD My Passport for Mac drive for Mac is not mounting but grayed out in Disk Utility, you can right-click and select the “Mount” button to force mount the hard drive.

How do I make my WD My Passport for Mac and Windows compatible?

To start formatting, connect your WD Passport to your Mac; then open “Mac HD” and click “Applications,” “Utilities” and “Disk Utility.” From the Disk Utility window, select the Passport hard drive.

What is the best external hard drive for a Mac?

Best External Hard Drives for Mac in 2020Best Overall: Seagate Backup Plus Slim (2 TB)Best USB-C: Samsung T5 Portable SSD (2 TB)Best Capacity: Western Digital My Book (6TB)Best Thunderbolt 3 Drive: LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt.Best for legacy hardware: G-Technology G-DRIVE USB 3.0 (4TB)Best fast drive: Samsung X5.

How do I convert my external hard drive from Mac to PC?

Convert an External Hard Drive from Apple to PCTransfer any files or folders that you wish to keep from the external hard drive to another computer. … Connect the external hard drive to the PC.Click the “Start” icon in the lower left hand corner of the PC desktop. … Select “Computer Management” from the Administrative Tools menu.More items…

Why won’t my Mac read my WD Passport?

Check whether the USB cable or USB port is bad by connecting other hard drives to this USB port or cable and see if that makes a difference. 3. Reboot your Mac computer to see if your WD My Passport drive is not showing up in Disk Utility/Finder or not.

How do I fix my WD Passport not recognized?

If you encounter these issues, take the following solutions to fix it right now.Solution 1. Plug It into Another USB Port. … Solution 2. Change USB Cable. … Solution 3. Change Drive Letter. … Solution 4. Reinstall USB Controller. … Solution 5. Update WD Device Driver. … Solution 6. … About WD My Passport Ultra. … Bottom Line.

Can WD My Passport for Mac be used on PC?

However, it only works with all versions of Windows, but read-only with Mac by default. If you want to use WD My Passport or any other hard drive on Mac and PC, you need to format a Western Digital My Passport external hard drive in exFAT or FAT32 format.

Is WD Passport compatible with Mac?

The My Passport™ for Mac drive is trusted, portable storage that perfectly complements your on-the-go lifestyle. Compatible with USB-C™ and USB-A, the My Passport for Mac drive comes equipped to connect with today’s latest technology.