Question: How Activate STC Multi SIM?

What is STC multi SIM?

The multi-SIM service from STC enables customers get three SIMs with the same number to use generally in the cell phone, quick Net or tablets the fact that allows the use of internet account in three different devices simultaneously at the same price.

He can change the active SIM by easy instructions and at no cost..

How can I update my STC SIM card?

and register,After registration press JAWAL button.And Select SAWA SERVICES.Then Click UPDATE INFROMATION.Then Mobil number and Sim card number.And press Send.

How can I activate STC 5g?

5G key is activated by default for new customers, and for existing customer send 4251 to 900 to activate 5G key for FREE.

How can I order eSIM from STC?

How to order eSIM via mystc appEnter the store in the app.Click on get a new number.Choose your SIM type (prepaid or postpaid)Choose the suitable plan.Choose “Use eSIM” and complete the steps.

How activate Mobily multi SIM?

You can follow these steps in order to use the multi-SIMs. To Change SIM ID *200*N# “N refers to the chosen SIM 1-2-3-4 or 5”. The customer should receive a confirmation message. Then he can change the internet APN from Web2 to Web1 and restart the device.

What does prepaid SIM card mean?

What are Prepaid plans? With Prepaid, it means you’ll always pay/recharge for your plan upfront. This is seamless process if you link a payment method (such as a credit/debit card or PayPal) to your account, as this allows your plan to automatically recharge at the end of each plan period.