Question: How Do You Delete Someones Comment On Your Post?

Does it notify someone if you delete their comment?

Hiding the Facebook comment will keep it hidden from everyone except that person and their friends.

Deleting the Facebook comment will erase it; no one will be able to see it.

The user will know that the negative comment has been deleted if they go to view it again, but they won’t be notified of its deletion..

Does deleting an Instagram comment delete the replies?

Yes, they will. When you delete a comment, the replies become “orphans” meaning that they’re replying to no one now. Since the replies are now orphans, they’re no longer associated to another reply and the best option that Instagram thinks of is that they cascade a delete to all the replaces.

Can you delete Facebook Live Comments?

To delete a connect post or activity update, click the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the post. Then, select Delete. When a post is deleted, this also deletes any comments that are added to the post. To delete a comment, click the Delete icon in the upper-right corner of the comment.

Can you delete a comment on Instagram?

Delete an Instagram Comment on iPhone and Android When you’re viewing the post, tap on the Comments icon (speech bubble icon) to view every comment associated with the post. Here, locate the comment (your own or someone else’s) that you want to delete. … Here, tap on the Trash Can icon to delete the comment.

How do you delete someones comment on your post on Instagram?

To delete a comment: Tap below the post or tap any comment. Swipe left over the comment (iPhone) or tap and hold the comment (Android) you’d like to delete. Tap (iPhone) or (Android).

Why can’t I delete a comment on my post?

You can only delete posts that you have made. If the “Delete” option doesn’t appear, then you are trying to delete someone else’s post, which is not possible.

Will someone know if I delete their comment on Instagram?

They don’t get any sort of notification. But if they happen to go back to the post, they would see that it was missing. As for who can delete a comment, only the person that posted the comment and the person whose account it was posted on can delete the comment. However, other users can mark the comments as spam.

What happens when you hide a comment on someone else’s post?

To hide a comment, hover over the top-right hand “x” and click “Hide.” Now the post can only be seen by the person who wrote the comment and his or her friends. They’ll have no idea the post is hidden, and you can always click “Unhide” later if you like.

How do you know if someone deleted your comment on youtube?

Do commenters get notified if their comment is deleted? … No they’re not notified, that is unless the channel owner decides to tell them by replying before deleting.Anyone wondering why a channel owner might do that, here’s one reason:More items…

Can you delete comments on Facebook?

To delete a comment on Facebook, simply hover your mouse over the comment you want to erase for good. Click the “…” button. Once you click the button, click Delete and your comment will be erased.

What happens if you delete a comment on Instagram?

When you delete a comment on Instagram, it simply disappears. Nobody gets a notification, so if you have a spammy comment on one of your posts, the only way that the spammer will notice it’s gone is if they go back and look for it.

How do I remove the comment section on Facebook?

To turn off commenting on your own post or a post in a group you admin or moderate:From your News Feed tap then tap Groups and select your group.Go to the post you want to turn off comments for.Tap and then tap Turn off Commenting.

Does Instagram tell you when you delete a message?

Instagram conversation: Once you delete a conversation, it will no longer be visible in your inbox. … If the recipient has not seen the Instagram Direct Message, they will not get to see it, but they will get a notification telling that you have unsent the message.

Why did my comment disappear on Instagram?

The person deleted it from their end. Maybe they didn’t like the comment in the end and decided to delete. You accidentally hard-pressed and deleted, maybe you don’t remember and you did. You blocked this person and the comments and activity of people you block disappear from your viewpoint.