Question: How Do You Use Shrine In A Sentence?

What is a sentence for shrine?

Examples of shrine in a Sentence Noun the shrine of Saint Mary They erected a shrine to the saint..

How do you use wich in a sentence?

We did a mear nothing provisionally, hardly a Bottle extra, wich is a proof in Pint. The property has an entrance hall leading to the dining room, wich has a cast-iron fireplace, and sitting room with inglenook. Inclosed I send you a copy of the resolution, wich was passed unanimously.

What is the purpose of a shrine?

A shrine (Latin: scrinium “case or chest for books or papers”; Old French: escrin “box or case”) is a holy or sacred site dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saint, daemon, or similar figure of respect, wherein they are venerated or worshipped.

What are examples of questions?

WH Question Wordsquestion wordfunctionexample sentencewhatasking for information about somethingWhat is your name?asking for repetition or confirmationWhat? I can’t hear you. You did what?what…forasking for a reason, asking whyWhat did you do that for?whenasking about timeWhen did he leave?16 more rows

Are sentence examples?

“No,” answered the little man, “you are quite right. You are strangers in the Valley of Voe, and do not seem to know our ways; so I will try to save you. Are you sure you don’t want me to take her? Those colored suns are exactly in the same place they were when we came, and if there is no sunset there can be no night.

How do you make a shrine of someone?

Creating Your ShrineMake a list of words that come to mind when you think of your loved one.Make a list of objects or things that you associate with your loved one.Write down any words of wisdom, favorite expressions, funny or loving things your loved might have said.More items…•

What is a shrine for kids?

A shrine is a holy or sacred place with something important inside it, such as the tomb of a religious person. … Shrines are built in the surroundings of the grave of pious men. These are built to show respect and love for the one who died.

What is the meaning of a shrine?

a building or other shelter, often of a stately or sumptuous character, enclosing the remains or relics of a saint or other holy person and forming an object of religious veneration and pilgrimage. any place or object hallowed by its history or associations: a historic shrine.

What is another word for shrine?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shrine, like: church, sacred place, sacred object, hallowed place, sepulcher, memorial, altar, adytum, box, case and chapel.

Which means sentence?

He’s a politician now, which means that bragging and whoring his story is the job description. The echidna is a nocturnal animal which means it only comes out at night and it is rare to see one during the day. It’s not a ready-made audience, which means people listen because they want to. Show More Sentences.

What is the difference between temple and shrine?

In the simplest terms, temples are Buddhist, while shrines are Shinto. Temples have a large incense burner and many Buddhist statues, and may or may not have a graveyard attached to them, while shrines have a large, often vermilion red, torii, or sacred gate, standing in front of them.