Question: What Does Bravo Mean?

What is Moi Bien?

Translate “muy bien” to English: very well, fine, OK, very well indeed, damn well, damned well, fine and dandy, full well, to a T, to a tee, but good..

How do you respond to Bravo?

Originally Answered: What should I says when someone says bravo? Assuming it’s. compliment on something you did, say “thank you.”

What is the difference between Bravo and Bravissimo?

As interjections the difference between bravissimo and bravo is that bravissimo is the intensive form of bravo while bravo is used to express appreciation, especially to a performer.

Is Bravo an English word?

Noun (1) Italian, from bravo brave.

Do you say bravo to a woman?

The feminine singular form is brava. The plural forms are bravi and brave for masculine and feminine respectively. Saying bravo to a woman is incorrect. Although it’s not really impolite, it may make you sound as if you were mocking the performer for addressing her like a man, so don’t make fun with it.

What country says Bravo?

ItalyWe may have borrowed this word into English, but Italians still use it a lot more. Bravo is what you might call a false friend: it looks familiar, but it’s not quite the same in Italian as it is in English. Just to be clear: it’s not wrong to use bravo in Italy the same way we say it, to mean ‘well done!

What is the opposite of Bravo?

Antonyms for bravo depression, dishonor, unhappiness, discouragement, insult, ignorance, dislike, reduction, decrease.

What does a Charlie mean?

Charlie (usually uncountable, plural Charlies) (military slang) An enemy; the Vietcong; short for Victor Charlie. (uncountable, slang) Cocaine. (countable, chiefly Britain, slang, often with “right” and/or “proper”) A fool.

What language uses Bravo?

2 Answers. It comes from Italian (through French probably, but I’m not sure). The original meaning was “brave, bold”, as you could see in Spanish, but now it is usually taken to mean “well done!” or “good job”.

Is Bravo a French word?

Bravo/a is Italian and Spanish. … In Spanish and Italian it also means “brave” but in French is almost exclusively used as an interjection to simply congratulate someone who did a splendid job.

What is a Bravo male?

The use of racial codes, apparently including describing black people as “bravo” and coloured people as “charlie”, in social media alerts, is growing, Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird told the newspaper. … Screenshots of posts included on the website include those that refer to “bm,”, meaning black males.

What is a Charlie male?

Charlie is a traditionally masculine given name in English-speaking countries, often a nickname for Charles, but is now used as a unisex name. For girls, Charlie acts either as a nickname for Charlotte or Charlene, or sometimes on its own. The different forms of spelling are most commonly used for the feminine forms.

What is the meaning of kudos to you?

To answer your question, kudos in English means: 1) Praise / Accolades. 2) Credit for one’s achievements. The word “kudos” comes from the Greek κῦδος (kudos), meaning “glory” or “fame”.

What is tres bien?

Adverb. très bien. very good, very well.

How do you use Bravo in a sentence?

Sentence Examples “Bravo! bravo!” cried his mother, her eyes sparkling with pride.

Is Bravo a Scrabble word?

BRAVO is a valid scrabble word.

What do you call a female Italian?

Italian Translation. donna. More Italian words for woman. la donna noun. female, queen, maid, girlfriend.

What is Bravo short for?

BRAVOAcronymDefinitionBRAVOBiotechnology Regulatory Assistance Virtual Office (Canada)BRAVOBusiness Risk and Value of Operation in SpaceBRAVOBuilding Responsibility and Valuing OrganizationBRAVOBe prepared, ready to go in X number of minutes (BRAVO 5 = be ready to go in 5 minutes)3 more rows

What is another word for Bravo?

What is another word for bravo?cheerapplauseobeisancerecognitionrecommendationthanksexaltationappreciationravepuff155 more rows