Question: What Does This Word Mean Annoying?

What does annoying someone mean?

The verb annoy means to bother or irritate.

Your habit of constantly talking about your cats might annoy your friends more than you realize.

When you annoy someone, you really rub them the wrong way..

Is Irritatedly a word?

Irritatedly Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for irritatedly?aggravatedlyiratelyfuminglyhuffilydiscontentedlyapoplecticallytestilyeggilysteaminglyfrustratedly235 more rows

What is the difference between annoyed and annoying?

“Annoying” is the character of something or someone in oneself, but “annoyed ” is that someone is annoyed by something or someone . For example: You are a annoying guy.

What vex means?

to irritate; annoy; provoke: His noisy neighbors often vexed him. to torment; trouble; distress; plague; worry: Lack of money vexes many. to discuss or debate (a subject, question, etc.) with vigor or at great length: to vex a question endlessly without agreeing.

How do you annoy someone?

A surefire way to annoy someone is to make annoying sounds around them. You could click a pen over and over until they can’t take it anymore. Chew your food loud and obnoxiously with your mouth open near someone you want to annoy. You could also sing a popular song repeatedly to get it stuck in their head.

What do you call a brat?

Word forms: brats countable noun. If you call someone, especially a child, a brat, you mean that he or she behaves badly or annoys you. [informal, disapproval] He’s a spoiled brat. Synonyms: youngster, kid [informal], urchin, imp More Synonyms of brat.

What is an adjective for annoying?

disturbing, troublesome, irritating, bothersome, aggravating, vexatious.

What does this word mean irritating?

irritate, exasperate, nettle, provoke, rile, peeve mean to excite a feeling of anger or annoyance. irritate implies an often gradual arousing of angry feelings that may range from mere impatience to rage.

What is a better word for annoying?

Synonyms: bothersome, galling, irritating, nettlesome, pesky, pestering, pestiferous, plaguey, plaguy, teasing, vexatious, vexing disagreeable.

What is it called when someone makes you feel worthless?

To belittle means to put down, or to make another person feel as though they aren’t important. Saying mean things about another person literally makes them feel “little.” To belittle someone is a cruel way of making someone else seem less important than yourself.

What does it mean when someone calls you worthless?

Synonyms: useless, meaningless, pointless, futile More Synonyms of worthless. 2. adjective. Someone who is described as worthless is considered to have no good qualities or skills. You feel you really are completely worthless and unlovable.

What is the most annoying word in the English language?

The most annoying word in the English language is “whatever” In fact, it has been the most annoying word since last eight years, according to a newly released poll by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion.

What does the word annoying?

an·noy·ing. Use annoying in a sentence. adjective. The definition of annoying is something that is bothersome or irritating. Constantly poking someone in the arm is an example of annoying behavior.

What type of word is worthless?

adjective. without worth; of no use, importance, or value; good-for-nothing: a worthless person; a worthless contract.

What does it mean good for nothing?

Meaning of good-for-nothing in English a person who is lazy and not helpful or useful: She told him he was a lazy good-for-nothing and should get a job.

How do you describe an irritated person?

Synonymsangry. adjective. very annoyed.annoyed. adjective. feeling slightly angry or impatient.upset. adjective. very sad, worried, or angry about something.cross. adjective. angry. … irritated. adjective. annoyed or impatient about something.fed up. adjective. … put out. adjective. … displeased. adjective.More items…