Question: Why My Phone Always Show Insufficient Space?

How do I fix not enough storage on my Android?

Open the Settings app, tap Storage (it should be in the System tab or section).

You’ll see how much storage is used, with details for cached data broken out.

Tap Cached Data.

In the confirmation form that appears, tap Delete to free up that cache for working space, or tap Cancel to leave the cache alone..

Can’t download because no internal storage is available?

WhatsApp says there is no internal storage available and some apps show the SD card as disabled. … 1)Go to storage from settings unmount your sdcard. Switch off your phone remove sdcard and reinsert again. 2)If step one doesn’t work factory reset your phone.

Why my phone is showing insufficient space?

If you’re seeing an “Insufficient storage available” message on your Android, chances are that you’ve used up most of your device’s available memory. To rectify this, you’ll need to make some space by deleting apps and/or media; you can also add external storage, such as a Micro SD card, to your phone.

Why is my phone memory suddenly full?

For android phones, the storage space will reduce without the user having downloaded any files. This happens when the user opens apps that receive data from the web. … It is the very same apps that are already installed in the phone that will eat up more space when you use them.

Why is my storage full after deleting everything?

If you’ve deleted all the files you don’t need and you’re still receiving the “insufficient storage available” error message, you need to clear out Android’s cache. … (If you are running Android Marshmallow or later, go to Settings, Apps, select an app, tap Storage and then choose Clear Cache.)

What is taking up all of my storage?

To find this, open the Settings screen and tap Storage. You can see how much space is used up by apps and their data, by pictures and videos, audio files, downloads, cached data, and miscellaneous other files. The thing is, it works a little bit differently depending on which version of Android you’re using.