Quick Answer: Is Perra A Bad Word?

What does Punta mean in slang?

No, punto is a general point, and punta is the tip (of a knife etc) and not the word that is “worse than the b word” and even that word has it’s uses.

La punta aguda = the sharp tip (of a knife etc) updated Nov 29, 2011.

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Can Perro be feminine?

Perro is a masculine word and it means Dog. There’s a feminine version of it by replacing the O with A , but it’s not used a lot because it can also be used as an insult , look here Dictionary. El perro, la perra. Like most nouns in Spanish, most animal names in Spanish have gender.

Is Perra a word in Spanish?

Yes, it is an insult and it does not mean dog. It means “witch” with a “B.” Perra, zorra y otras variantes de animales son muy ofensivas en español.

What is pinoche?

pi·no·che Masculine – Noun – Singular Plural: pinoches. Translate “pinoche” to English: pine needle. Spanish Synonyms of “pinoche”: aguja de pino, hoja del pino, acícula de pino.

What does Buta mean?

prostituteButa: transliteration of a low word for “prostitute”. Used here as an exclamation (like “God damn”, but very rude). que ery: “that you are” (not correct Spanish at all) pendejo: lit. ”

What is a female dog name?

The most popular of these names include Lucy, Daisy, Sadie, Molly, Bailey, Maggie and Sophie. Other great dog names ending in -y or similar include: Candy.

Is Mano masculine or feminine?

Unfortunately, as with many rules, there are exceptions. The word mano (from Latin manus) is one of the few Spanish nouns which end with the letter ‘-o’ but which are feminine.

Is Perra an insult?

Perra Is the female version of a dog. In English, we only use dog to describe a dog, whether it’s female or male. Bitch has been used in the past to describe female dogs, but is more of an insult nowadays. … And it’s generally used as an insult.

What is the meaning of Perra?

(feminine) dog, bitch. bitch (despicable or disagreeable, aggressive female person)

What does Morra mean in Spanish?

In Mexican and Central American Spanish, (la) morrita literally means “little girl or chick,” a diminutive form of the colloquial morra. Its plural is (las) morritas. Morro and morrito are its male counterpart, “boy” or “little boy,” with the effect of “boyfriend.”

Why is leche a bad word?

Letse. Letse, alternatively “Leche”, is used as an expression of annoyance or anger. … Letse or leche (Spanish for “milk”) is derived from the Spanish profanity “Me cago en la leche,” which literally translates to “I defecate in the milk” where leche is a euphemism for ley (“law”), referring to the Law of Moses.

Does Perro mean dog?

Borrowed from Spanish perro (“dog”).

What is a gordita slang?

noun. a Spanish word that means fat little girl. You call your homies “gordita” in replacement of a nickname.

What does Canquiñi mean in English?

of five linesany stanza of five lines. ”

Is Gata a word in Spanish?

gata = cat noun gata (Spanish noun)

Is Desmadre a bad word?

Desmadre – When something is a complete disaster / mess / chaos / wild. Has both positive and negative meanings. … ‘Tu cuarto es un desmadre’ Your room is an utter mess.