Quick Answer: Should I Buy Yes Bank Shares?

Is it good to buy Yes Bank share?

Even the brand value of the bank is substantial now.

Yes Bank has recently carried out a Follow-on Public Offer (FPO).

The stock was not at all bad from the standpoint of valuation at Rs 12 during the FPO.

If the stock has risen by this much, it is a good deal and most importantly a risk free return deal, he said..

Will Yes Bank shares go up?

Yes Bank share price is rising and rising! It rose to the tune of 3 per cent in the early morning trade today inviting bulls for the fresh buying. … According to the stock market experts, this rise in Yes Bank stock is because of the private lenders Rs 35,000 crore repayment to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Is there any hope for Yes Bank?

When Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed a moratorium on Yes Bank, restricting aggregate withdrawal to ₹50,000 until 3 April 2020, many compared it with the Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) Bank failure.

Who owns Yes Bank now?

State Bank of IndiaYes Bank/Parent organizations

Is PMC Bank closed permanently?

“Nine banks will be closed permanently by Reserve Bank of India. … No further clarification has been given by the RBI. On Tuesday, citing many irregularities, including under-reporting of bad loan numbers, the Reserve Bank imposed a slew of restrictions on Punjab & Maharashtra Cooperative Bank (PMC) for six months.

Who is CEO of Yes Bank?

Prashant Kumar (Mar 6, 2020–)Yes Bank/CEO

Can I buy shares of Yes Bank?

According to the notification, BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) trades will not be allowed in Yes Bank, so the traders/investors will not be able to sell shares bought on March 12 and 13 until they get the delivery of the shares in their demat account.

Will Yes Bank shut down?

The bank cannot be shut down nor can it be merged. It has to be run with global and domestic support,” said the investor mentioned above. … Yes Bank will be managed and run as an independent and private sector bank by a professional board with no interference by SBI in its day-to-day affairs, Kumar said.

Will Yes bank survive?

After the June quarter result that showed the bank trimming its losses and a Rs 15,000 crore follow-on public offer (FPO), banking analysts have inferred that the bank has survived the most critical phase of its life. “The bank is out of an existential crisis. The capital raised is enough to survive for now.