Quick Answer: What Does Chee Chee Mean?

What does a chi chi look like?

The Chi Chi is a mixed breed dogs.

They are not purebreds like their Chihuahua and Chinese Crested parents.

The main colors of Chi Chis are brown, black, fawn, cream, and white.

Sometimes their coats are solid, and sometimes they have a mix of colors..

How strong is Chi Chi?

Even in terms of Physical Strength, Chi Chi’s power is substantially weaker than even Yamcha. The only fighter she might be comparable to in terms of Physical strength would be Chiaotzu. She did have a higher power level than him during the martial arts tournament.

What is the male version of Chica?

la chica (the girl) el perro (the male dog) la gata (the female cat)

When did Chi Chi close?

September 18, 2004Chi-Chi’s/Ceased operations

What does Che Che mean in Spanish?

Che. Che is a Spanish diminutive interjection commonly used in Argentina. It is a form of colloquial slang used in a vocative sense as “friend”, and thus loosely corresponds to expressions such as “mate”, “pal”, “man”, “bro”, or “dude”, as used by various English speakers.

What is Chi Chi a nickname for?

Chi-Chi – African Origin, Meaning, and Numerology of the Name Chi-Chi at AllTheBabyNames. Meaning: Nickname for a number of Igbo (Nigerian) names referring to God (Chi).

What does the name Chi Chi mean?

Etymology : Diminutive of Igbo names beginning with the element Chi meaning “God”.

What does tt mean?

AcronymDefinitionTTTelegraphic Transfer (funds)TTTexas Tech (University)TTTry ThisTTTravel Time163 more rows

What is a Chee Chee?

usually offensive. : a person of mixed European and Asian descent.

What does Chee Chee mean in Spanish?

Probably from Spanish. (plural chee chees) (US, slang) A breast, tit, tittie. Rarely used in the singular, usually used in the plural, chee chees.

How old is Chichi?

Chi Chi at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z was 23 Years old and at the end of Dragon Ball Super, she was 47 years old.

What is Chi Chi in jail?

Chi chi is a casserole-like dish made on the sly entirely of ingredients bought from the prison commissary or vending machines. Ingredients are blended in a plastic bag, which is cooked in boiling water.

What does Chichi mean in Spanish slang?

chichi (plural chichis) (slang, Latin America, chiefly in the plural) A woman’s breast.

How do you make Chee Chee?

Chee Chee Cocktail Recipe3 cans frozen lemonade concentrate (12 ounce canss)1 can unsweetened pineapple juice (46 ounce can)1 can cream of coconut (15 ounce can)4/5 quart vodka or rum (optional)4 litres 7-up.

Why is Chi Chi called Milk?

Her name was changed from “Chi-Chi” to “Milk” in Latin America, because “Chi-Chi” in Latin American Spanish means “Breasts”.