Quick Answer: What Is The GREY Bar On Screen Time?

Can you get rid of the GREY bar on iPhone?

The grey bar is to switch between recent apps.

You can swipe left to go to previous app or next app using that bar.

Not sure why you want to remove it but in either case it’s not possible to switch off that..

Why does my iPhone storage keep filling up?

My iPhone storage is almost full. One of the reasons behind your iPhone memory shrinkage (not an official term), aside from your music, photos and videos, is your cache. … It’s suggested by Apple, that iOS app developers build apps that have a self-cleaning function which clears your app cache every so often.

What is the GREY bar in iPhone storage?

Cached files are created when you stream or view content like music, videos, and photos. When you stream music or video, that content is stored as cached files on your iOS device so you can quickly access it again. iTunes categorizes cached music, videos, and photos as Other instead of actual songs, videos, or photos.

How do I add things to the bottom bar on my iPhone?

Tap and hold down on an app icon until all of the apps wiggle on the screen. Then hold down on the app that you want to move and drag it where you want it to be places. You can move one app out of the dock and add another app in its place. You can also add a folder of apps into the dock.

How do I get rid of the little box on my iPad?

You can get rid of split screen on your iPad by swiping one app away, or by disabling the split screen feature altogether. If you have one app floating on top of another, you can close it by swiping it to the right, or by docking it to one side and then closing it like any other split screen.

Why does my IPAD have a GREY line?

Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously ignoring the red slider should one appear until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the device restart. See if that fixes your problem. If that doesn’t help then there is most likely a hardware failure.

Why is there a gray bar on the top of my iPhone?

Might be a hardware issue. If you are near an Apple store, take it in and ask them. Might be a hardware issue. grey bar eliminated with edit of wallpaper that was rolled over in iPhone upgrade, 5-7!

How do I get rid of the GREY box on my iPad screen?

Answer: A: That’s called the Dock. There is still a bug/glitch with the Dock in iOS 11. Try a hard reset of your iPad by holding down both the Home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously until your iPad goes to black and restarts with Apple logo, then release the buttons.

What is the bar at the bottom of my iPhone called?

The iPhone Dock (some people refer to it as the menu bar or the Home screen bottom bar) provides a means to access your most frequently used apps from any of your Home screens.

How do I put my apps on the bottom of my screen?

Want to add an app shortcut?Open the “All Apps” drawer by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.Find the app you want to add.Tap and hold the app icon until it starts floating and a miniature version of your home screen panels will appear. … Drag the icon to the desired panel and desired location on the panel.More items…

How do I manage my iPhone storage?

A handy way of finding and deleting the apps that are taking up the most space is to go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage (in older versions of iOS, go to General > Storage & iCloud Usage, then tap Manage Storage in the first section).

How do I change the bar at the bottom of my iPhone?

The toolbar on the bottom of the Home screen appears on every page. You can place any icons on the toolbar that you want, including folder icons. Move to the Home screen containing an icon you want to place on the toolbar. Tap and hold an icon until the icons start jiggling and the Delete buttons appear.

How can I increase the storage on my iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchGo to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage or iCloud Storage.Tap Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan.Choose a plan.Tap Buy and follow the onscreen instructions.

What is Touch disease on the iPhone?

The term “Touch Disease” refers to the touchscreen issues that surface after the phone undergoes stress, like being dropped on the floor several times. … In many cases, iPhone users have complained the touchscreen will entirely stop working for several months.