What Problem Do The Children In Poor Families Face?

What is the biggest challenge kids face today?

Top Six Challenges Kids Face TodaySticking To A Routine.

The school day is full of breaks, changes, and different kinds of learning which occur almost like clockwork.

Cyber Bullying.


Availability of Information.


Changes In Socialisation..

How social issues affect the family?

Certain major events that disrupt the family structure or routine, such as illness and divorce, may challenge a child’s abilities to cope. These events may also interfere with the child’s emotional and social development. … Events affecting the child may also have negative consequences for people close to the child.

What are the problems faced by the children?

Top 5 Issues Faced by Children in India. India’s children face some of the harshest conditions anywhere in the world. They suffer from the mistakes of their parents, the ignorance of an apathetic system, and the lack of a proactive support system.

What problems do poor people face?

Housing: Houselessness, overcrowding, slums and rental laws are serious problems in urban areas. The family’s dwelling unit and the neighbourhood within which it is located are important elements in the problems associated with poverty. The houses of the poor are not only over-crowded but lack privacy.

Why do poor people have lots of children?

Limited finances. Families in poverty, particularly those who make their living through agriculture, may have more kids as a way of supporting the family’s livelihood. Children are often tasked with chores like walking to collect water, gardening, field work and animal care, even when they’re very young.