Which 4k TV Will Jio Give?

How can I get Jio 4k set top box?

The most attractive thing about the Jio 4K Set-Top Box is the zero price tag with which the company is offering this with.

With the JioFiber connection, the subscribers only have to pay Rs 2,500 as security deposit and the monthly rental for JioFiber.

This is enough to get them a Jio 4K Set-Top Box..

How do I get Jio fiber on my 4k TV?

On Monthly plans: There are six JioFiber monthly plans and under JioFiber Welcome Offer, subscribers will get the Jio Home Gateway box and the Jio 4K Set Top Box for free. Additionally, with the Bronze plan, Jio is offering 3 months of premium subscription to JioSaavn and JioCinema.

What is the use of Jio 4k set top box?

Similar to the other set-top boxes, the Jio 4K STB is also capable of offering both cable TV and OTT content. The set-top box will also be bundled with TV Plus app, which will let users watch Live TV channels via Jio Fiber broadband connection.

Is Amazon Prime free with Jio fiber?

Jio Fiber subscribers will now get free one-year Amazon Prime subscription, in addition to all of the other benefits. The annual subscription fee for Amazon Prime is Rs. 999, but Jio Fiber customers on Gold and above broadband plans will get access to all Amazon Prime benefits for no extra cost.

Which Jio fiber plan is best?

BRONZE ₹399 (30 Mbps Unlimited)SILVER ₹699 (100 Mbps Unlimited)GOLD ₹999 (150 Mbps Unlimited + OTT Apps worth ₹1,000)DIAMOND ₹1499 (300 Mbps. Unlimited + OTT Apps worth ₹1,500)DIAMOND+ ₹2499 (500 Mbps. Unlimited + OTT Apps worth ₹1,650)PLATINUM ₹3999 (1 Gbps. Unlimited + OTT Apps worth ₹1,650)TITANIUM ₹8499 (1 Gbps.

Is Jio Fibernet good?

All Jio Fiber plans offer 100Mbps speed or more Internet speed, free voice calling, unlimited data, and several add-on features like TV video calling. … 1,299 JioFiber Gold plan offers all the things that the Silver plan offers, but bumps up the data cap to 500GB (250GB extra) and increases the Internet speed to 250Mbps.

Will Jio Set Top Box consume data?

The channel subscription will be billed separately – which means even if you play your TV via Jio STB 24×7 – you will not pay anything extra. … Update: The Jio Set Top Box actually consumes the data from the Jio Fiber plan that you’re subscribed to.

Can we watch TV on Jio Gigafiber?

Also, Jio GigaFiber subscribers will also not have to pay separately for broadband, telephone calls and TV services. The Jio set-top-box will offer consumers access to all TV channels provided by the major Local Cable Operators (LCOs).

Is Jio set top box 4k?

The Jio Set-Top Box has 4K support and it brings both Cable TV and OTT services into one place. Essentially, it’s identical to the Airtel Xstream Box that also has 4K support and available for purchase at Rs 3,999. However, Jio’ Set-Top Box ships for free with all the broadband plans on a returnable basis.

What is the new offer of Jio?

Reliance Jio Plans 2020: List of Jio Prepaid Plans, Offers, Price, Data, & ValidityJio Prepaid Recharge PlanData BenefitJio to Jio callsRs 3296GBUnlimitedRs 3493GB per DayUnlimitedRs 3991.5Gb per DayUnlimitedRs 4442GB per DayUnlimited10 more rows•Aug 22, 2020

Is Jio set top box free?

Jio Fiber promised a set-top box for its broadband service subscribers earlier this year while announcing its tariff plans. The free Jio Fiber set-top box is an Android-based streaming media player that subscribers can connect to their TVs using an HDMI connection.

Which TV will Jio give?

Users who opt for the Platinum plan will receive an 32-inch HD TV while Titanium plan users get a 43-inch 4K TV. Jio is also offering a 4K set-top-box free to all JioFiber customers even with a monthly plan and a Jio Home Gateway to all annual subscribers.