Who Has The Most Hours On CSGO?

Who has the most hours on rust?

Most Rust Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)#Steam IDPlaytime (H)1tweaver236,8382Stidler.com | Ti Rone Stidler.com | T..35,7163RHYMIN SIMON33,7504Axy*32,259152 more rows.

Who has the most hours on a game?

A Sydney-based sales manager called Okan Kaya has broken the record for the longest videogame marathon by playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for more than 135 hours. Kaya started playing the game on Tuesday 13 November at the office of his employer 4Cabling.

Does anyone still play rust?

Is Rust still popular? In April of 2020, Rust hit it’s all time peak of 125,415 concurrent players. For a game released out of early access in 2018, those are impressive numbers. The fact that it’s still hitting all time highs just goes to show that Rust is as popular as ever.

How long did it take you to get good at CSGO?

It wasn’t until about 2 years ago I started playing competitively and my skills improved exponentially. Especially when I began studying Pro-demos and really putting my all into it. I started in 1999, beta 3, around mid year. And i started getting “good” by around CS 1.0 release so around 6 months.

Who is the best rust player?

My Top 7 Rust Gamers on Youtube: Honourable MentionsMax Mears.KCmoTV.Guacamole Jones.Mike the Vike.AquaFPS.Trausi.Bumbo.LOLOUTftw.More items…

Who has the most hours on r6?

Time Played LeaderboardRankPlayerTime Played1IMBA-SE312357432nicopyon25302874653DOUWATlKU284282564tqguuuu-nikukai2769192496 more rows

How old is c9 shroud?

Shroud Real Name, Birthday, WikiReal Name:Michael GrzesiekBirthday:June 2, 1994Age:26 Years OldPlace of Birth:Mississauga, Ontario, CanadaZodiac Sign:Gemini6 more rows

Who has the most hours in League of Legends?

Chris ZielinskiChris Zielinski spent 92 hours playing League of Legends.

How many hours do pro CSGO players have?

5,000 hoursNormally though, most pro players have more than 5,000 hours in the game (not idle hours) and usually they have spent thousands of hours in 1.6 as well.

How many hours does Simple have on CSGO?

According to the photo the Ukrainian star has spent a whopping 16,122 hours playing CS:GO. S1mple is known to practise hard and long, he has even openly admitted to never stopping the grind and is known to practise even during player breaks in a bid to not go rusty.

How old is stewie2k?

22 years (January 7, 1998)Stewie2K/Age

How much do pro CS players make?

Monthly salaries for regular pro players are somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000. The salaries also vary from game to game. Different games have different salary ranges for their professional players.